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Pinarello Bicycles

The birth of a grand technological product has for us three irrevocabile points: the quality of the idea and of the relative project, the experience earned in the fi eld and the technical capability of production.

The place where they emerge and we develop our plans is always the same, on the Viale della Repubblica in Villorba of Treviso, in the heart of Veneto, in our Italy, a new center on the same foundations of the past, more comforatble and orgazined with respect to the far off 1956, the founding year of Pinarello Cycles.Today we are also in the position to decide where to translate our ideas and our plans for perfect machines, with the best constructive technology, with the best quality raw materials available on the global market, but above all in the best way possible to maintain the highest qualitative standards that distinguish us.

We ourselves partner only with of our level for example Toray, our Japenese carbon supplier, already partner of the two largest aerospace compagny. Our men work always and only with one objective that can be espressed in a single word, the excellence applied to the bicycle that in this case can only be “Pinarello.”
We can create your IF dream bike!

Perfect symmetry does not exist in nature.
Take for example the human body: it is completely
asymmetric, yet it is precisely that feature that makes it
capable of performing symmetric movements. A frame built to be operated by asymmetric forces can only be given an asymmetric design.

1.The Idea
The behaviour of a bicycle frame, especially a racing bike, is strongly asymmetric, due to the powerful forces applied that can be twice as great as the weight of the rider. Apart from small differences that depend on the cyclist’s morphology, the thrust applied to both the left and right pedals is the same, while the pull on the chain is always applied on the right. This means that the chain pull is alternately added to and subtracted from the force
moving the pedals.

2.The Evidence
This phenomenon is easy to verify. At Cicli Pinarello the procedure introduced several years ago requires new projects to be initially validated by way of theory, using fi nite-element analyses. The calculations are then verifi ed in laboratory tests. In both cases the flexural behaviour of the frame is observed to be laterally different.
Subjected to extreme loads (for example when simulating the action of a sprinter applying 1500 watts on the pedals), the frame structure can show a distortion of 2-3 mm on one side and 1-2 mm on the other.

3. The Solution
This means that either the frame is too rigid on one side (in which case it can be made lighter) or too flexible on the other (in which case it can be made stronger). Carbon fibre frames made it easy to “modulate” stiffness by changing the type, number and orientation of the layers of carbon fabric, but designers know that the resistance of a section is much more dependant on its shape than on wall thickness (this concept is at the basis of the oversized tubes used on bicycle frames of recent generation).Therefore, to optimize frame behaviour we must focus on the asymmetry of the structure’s parts rather than on their thickness. This is made possible thanks to modern methods of calculation that combine finite-element analyses with “Artificial Intelligence” codes (so called because they reproduce on computers the operating mechanisms of the human brain). These methods can plot the shape alterations that are automatically applied to minimize the different responses caused by pushing one pedal or the other.

A Brief History of Pinarello
Almost anything is possible! 1994 First Introduction Ovalized Oversized Tube
1997 Prince: Integrated Headset and Carbon Fiber Rear Monostay
1999 The birth of the OPERA brand: The first carbon fi ber frames with glued lugs.
2001 Pinarello introduces the first Compact Carbon fiber crankset.
2002 Birth of DOGMA- the first frame in AK61 Magnesium
2002 ONDA Carbon fi ber fork and rear monostay.
2003 Mirror finish DOGMA EGO
2004 Oversize Bottom Bracket for DOGMA
2005 F4:13 the first carbon momostay from Pinarello
2006 PARIS Carbon is the Superbike of the year, 990 grams, 10 sizes, wins Bicycling Magazine’s 2007 Editor’s Choice Award for Best Race Bike.
2007 The year of the PRINCE. A worldwide success with awards and acknowledgements in every country. For the second sucessive year Pinarello wins the distinction of Bicycling Magazine’s
Editor’s Choice Best Race Bike of the Year