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Las Vegas - 4035 South Fort Apache, Las Vegas, NV 89147 - 702-252-8077
Henderson - 19 South Stephanie Street, Henderson, NV 89012 - 702-800-3636
Blue Diamond - 16 Cottonwood, #B, Blue Diamond, NV 89004 - 702-875-4820


Blue Diamond Store

Telephone: (702) 875-4820

Stop on by and meet Chris "Tumafish" Tuma! 

McGhie's Bike Outpost is conveniently located in the village of Blue Diamond Nevada, right at the base of the best trails the Las Vegas area has to offer. Whether you are buying, renting or repairing a bike, we do our best to have what you need when and where you need it most. New to the area? No problem! Ask Chris Tuma for his famous Cottonwood virtual tour!

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Mcghie's Blue Diamond Bike Outpost Guided Hiking Tour

Hikes are tailored to the dynamics of your group & interests. Trail Hikes… [more]

Mcghie's Blue Diamond Bike Outpost Guided Tour Road Bike - COPY
$135.00 - $269.00

Our Private Guided Road bike tour includes door-to-door transportation… [more]

Mcghie's Blue Diamond Bike Outpost Guided Tour Mountain bike - COPY
$209.00 - $405.00

Our Guided Private Mountain Bike tour includes door-to-door transportation… [more]